bed bugs

Bed Bugs on Planet Earth

Bedbugs can become quite the nuisance when an infestation occurs in your household. The common bedbug is scientifically known as Cimex letcularius. They are small, flat and a reddish-brown color. It is their flat shape that allows them to get deep into mattresses, carpets, and other furniture.

Recognizing them is hard until there is a true infestation because they are so tiny. Once they infest a home, they can be found because they tend to cluster together and have distinctively sweet yet unpleasant smell. A bedbug infestation can start when they are carried home from a hotel in one’s luggage or clothing.

Once they are brought into your home, they can multiply and infest your own furniture. They are nocturnal, which means they are active mostly at night. Bed bugs feed on human blood and their bites can leave behind itchy red welts. Scientist have recently found a way to use bedbug’s own pheromones in order to treat an infestation.

They have found that by spraying them with a synthetic version of their own pheromones, bedbugs are more likely to walk though the agents that kill them. However when facing a bedbug infestation in your home, it is best to allow an expert handle it.


NETBOOK called a laptops very small (30 cm diagonal maximum), with a weaker performance ultra-portable classic and sold at low prices (hence the term low-cost).
The term NETBOOK is a registered trademark by the computer manufacturer Psion who has abandoned all its properties to the brand “NETBOOK in 2009.
Other terms are sometimes used, such as mini-computer the term of 70 years having lost its former significance. Presence PC uses for its part stands POPI “For Internet Small Computer.”
Even the concept of Netbook, like what happened to the MID, was created by Intel, and specifically in February 2008 in order to present a new line of systems that could take advantage of the features of the new processor in the house, specifically designed for the containment of consumption, l ‘Atom-based core Diamondville (although there are also based on the traditional Netbook Celeron). That were announced in the Nettop or the counter-party to the desktop of the Netbook, similarly to the latter, the Nettop are the characteristics desktop hardware limited, especially suited to navigation.
Since the Netbook laptops is designed specifically for browsing the Internet, the various solutions developed by the producers always include the type of connectivity Wi-Fi in the future and is also the arrival of modules WiMax.
The NETBOOK laptops is designed to meet office simple navigation on Internet broadband or typing text corrections episodic, verification and modification of tables of numbers, graphics or animated presentations, projected on a screen – or projector — outside of these demonstrations, display of content media, etc.. The models without hard drive is suitable for safe use in urban public transport, because of their strength and lightness.
It is possible to play several video games on these machines since they do not seek too hard the circuit graph Otherwise.
The first example of this category of “mini-PC” was the Psion Teklogix (and Netbook Netbook PRO) followed several years later by ‘ASUS Eee PC 700, at which have developed Netbook from Acer (l’ Acer Aspire One), Samsung, HP and MSI, and amendments to the original project by the same Asus with the introduction of the EEA PC 900. Although not in the original trade Netbook, Psion has the trademark rights and would like for the people using it for commercial purposes. There are many ongoing lawsuits between Psion and manufacturers of miniportatili, to prevent its own brand and is generally used as a common name. price comparison is a very good option before buying your own netbook.


Tools of a scientist

What is a scientist without his/her microscope? Microscopes have come a long way. Gone are the times when a scientist had to look through the eyepiece and use sophisticated devices to take photos of the specimen. Today, filming the specimen is as easy as plugging the microscope to a computer via USB cable for instance, and record a whole video sequence or take snapshots at high resolution. Easy as pie, comfortable, and really effective.